An arts and culture writer, focused on language, linguistics and life πŸ­πŸ‘Ÿ || Words here: || Work there:


  • Paul Roth

    Paul Roth

    I'm a TV enthusiast, Lindy Hopper, Swing Dance DJ, Mac guy, vegetarian, scientist, writer, humorist, dog guy, living in the DC metro area.

  • Matthew Palka

    Matthew Palka

    Avid Leadership Image Enthusiast, Journaler, Bass Fisherman, Nerdfighter, NY FCCLA Alumnus and Past State Officer, Photographer, Tuatarian, and R2NF sailor

  • darion d'anjou

    darion d'anjou

    writer | director | creative ...wrote, produced, & directed song & music video for Cyan's Jill-in-the-Box enjoi & leave comments!

  • Patrick Mooney

    Patrick Mooney

    User Experience Design Manager with UnitedHealth Group. Based in Dublin. Meet me monthly at Dublin UX and weekly at UX over Lunch.

  • ZainabLaLaLa


    17 years old, England, loves watching a hella YouTube and a proud part of the community w/ Lucky Howell! :) You always have a choice

  • Jake Lewsey

    Jake Lewsey

    Cardiff-based maker of films, designer of sounds, author of stories and developer of games! || Writer at and The Chestnut Cottage

  • Megan Fass

    Megan Fass

    well behaved women seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich || Plano West '15 || DMN Student Voice Columnist

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